How Abundance Oil Can Attract Prosperity Into Your Life

How Abundance Oil Can Attract Prosperity Into Your Life


Have you ever tried Abundance oil from Young Living? Individually the oils in this blend are very powerful, but together their vibration is magnified creating true synergy. They harness the law of attraction to the level that the user is ready to receive. The oil resonates and the vibration of prosperity and plentitude and can help open us up to receiving more.   

So what are these magical, magnetic ingredients?

Orange - Orange oil is all about happiness. It's about taking you back to when you were a kid again and felt safe in the world and full of adventure. Practically all kids like oranges. They make you want to laugh and have fun.

Frankincense - In ancient times, Frankincense oil was more valuable that Gold. Only the very wealthy possessed it. This is why it was such a prized gift to be given to Baby Jesus from one of the Three Kings. Frankincense also contains sesquiterpenes, which can open your awareness to greater things.

Patchouli - Patchouli oil was used by the East Indians to attract "the good things in life". It was also usually possessed by wealthy individuals and represented currency.

Clove - Wealthy people of the Orient were the ones who possessed this oil.

Ginger - Ginger was said to magnify the law of attraction in days of old.

Myrrh - Myrrh is the "oil of kings" and has the very frequency of wealth. It is an oil of dignity and stateliness.

Cinnamon Bark - Cinnamon oil was used as a determination of levels of wealth by the emperors of China and India.

Spruce - Spruce is believed to have the frequency of prosperity. It can also remove emotional blocks.

So how should this oil be used?

Well, first you may want to prepare yourself for using this oil by using Release oil to clear any emotional blocks you may have around accepting abundance into your life. Most of us have limitations on what we think is impossible or we are deserving of. At what point do we say, "That's too much." if not consciously than subconsciously. We have to realize that we can change our level of prosperity acceptance.

To use Abundance oil I diffuse it for 30-45 minutes once a day. I apply it topically to my wrists and the bottoms of my feet. I would also suggest putting it your paint when you paint a room in your home or office. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and stuff it into the vent in your car.

Let Abundance oil help you open yourself up to greater prosperity than you believe is possible.

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