I get it. I do. They're in my bag, my car and every room of my house. You think you'll just try getting a kit but then something happens once you get want ALL THE OILS. That's okay. Let's just start with a kit. 


Ordering Instructions:

1) First, you have to choose whether you want to become a Wholesale Member or a Retail Customer. If you want to get the Premium Starter Kit, you need to open a Wholesale Member account so select that one. If you just want one or two oils, you can select Retail Customer and skip the remaining instructions.


2) Make sure that 1486071 is listed as the Enroller and Sponsor number.

3) You're going to want to get the Premium Starter Kit then choose a diffuser. Your choices are the Dewdrop (included), Aria (+$100) or Rainstone (+45). Which one would I recommend? They're all awesome. Seriously, I have them all.

4) Optional Essential Rewards Program signup. Seriously optional. If you know you're going to be buying oils every month go ahead and sign up. It's awesome, you get points for free product and you can cancel any time. If you're not sure you can skip it and sign up later if you want.

5) IMPORTANT! At the bottom of this page is a blue button that says ("Optional: Add Additional Products). If you just want the kit you can click the blue button above that says "Next". But I would seriously add a couple things that may change your life.

  • Thieves Cleaner - non-toxic cleaner that smells like the holidays and cleans practically everything
  • Thieves Aromabrite Toothpaste - once you brush your teeth with oils you'll never go back
  • Valor - usually out of stock so if it's in stock, grab it!

6) Next put in your name and address.

7) Next choose a username, password and 4 digit pin.

8) Next select whether you are registering your account under your own name or your business name. You will need to put in your Tax ID for whichever option you choose. 

9) Next agree to the Terms and Conditions and click "Agree and Continue".

10) Finish signing out. Welcome to Young Living! I'll be messaging you!