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Jessica Petty

Jessica Laney Petty
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About three years ago I was invited to a class about essential oils. I had used oils once and had an amazing experience and I had bought a book called Gentle Babies at a fair one time that I loved. I WANTED oils to work. I had used oils that I had bought at the health food store without success but I knew I was missing something. I knew something wasn't quite right and there was potential here. I cleared my schedule and attended the class. I was amazed at what I learned. I spent over $400 that night on singles oils and a diffuser. I was convinced that I had found the solution that I had been looking for.

 About a week later I saw a Facebook post from a girl I had friended through photography about an essential oils kit. There was a kit? I need a kit, I thought. But it was only $150. While that is a lot of money it was a fraction of what I had just spent on "therapeutic grade oils". I thought since the cost was less the quality probably wasn't as good. The girl talked to me about how Gary Young, founder of Young Living, was the original person who brought essential oils to North America.

Just after that we traveled to Utah for a family reunion. I knew the Young Living farm was just South of Salt Lake City off the 15. On the way home I told my husband we needed to stop. I needed to see the farm for myself. The lavender was in full bloom and I rolled down the windows and it filled the car. When we got there the farm was closed for the day but I stood up on the gate and looked at the fields. "This is real," I thought. "They own their own farms." That was it. I switched to Young Living.

At first I wasn't interested in doing the business but the lady I enrolled under added me to a Facebook group that made it look so fun. I decided to just try the business and see what happened. Well, it's three years later. There are more than 25,000 homes that now have essential oils in them in part due to that decision. I have achieved the rank of Crown Diamond in the company (the second highest rank) and I have never been happier in my whole life.

This is my absolute dream job. I feel like I have been given such an amazing gift with a lot of responsibility. I have the opportunity every day to teach people how they can improve their health and wellness with the most amazing product on the planet. I get to help amazing men and women (mostly women) learn how they can supplement their income and even quit their current jobs and do this business full-time on their own terms. I get to travel all over the world with my friends and contribute to projects that are life-giving. I am so grateful.